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Terms & conditions before reserving a pixel:

1. When anyone purchases a pixel, they do not own any part of this site but do reserve the right to submit whatever media they wish within their respective pixel purchased

2. The minimum pixel-ad is 1 pixels, RM1.00 per pixel totaling to a RM1.00 minimum.

3. Larger sizes pixel-ad is 10x10 totaling to a RM100.00 maximum.

4. If your site has gone offline or changed, and the URL link is dead or broken it will be removed with no refunds given

5. If you ask to remove your media from this site, you may, however no refunds are given

6. No animations, GIFs or flash media

7. URL links must be valid & active

8. The person purchasing the space must have the permission to share the media & URL before purchase

9. All purchases must be paid in full & have cleared before media submissions go live on this site

10. Once purchase transactions are completed, your content will go live within 24 hours & an email confirmation will be sent. A tweet will be sent out as well announcing the new pixel member joined

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